School Shootings 2018

school shootingsAs always this behavior is despicable. The issues around School Shootings need to be discussed and changes need to be made in the following areas.

  1. Physical security within the schools.
  2. Identification of individuals that may be prone to this type of behavior.
  3. Control access to weapons that can produce mass slaughter.
  4. Human life is sacred.

Lawmakers, get together and discuss. or you might find yourself without a job.


Misleading School Shootings Statistics


Actual School Shootings 2018: 9 shootings, 22 dead, 37 wounded

Feb. 14, Broward County, Fla.
Stoneman Douglas High School
17 dead, 14 wounded

Feb. 5, Oxon Hill, Md.
Oxon Hill High School
1 wounded

Feb. 1, Los Angeles, Calif.
Salvador B. Castro Middle School
5 wounded

Jan. 31, Philadelphia, Pa.
Lincoln High School
1 dead

Jan. 23, Benton, Ky.
Marshall County High School
2 dead, 15 wounded

Jan. 22, Gentilly, La.
The NET Charter High School
1 wounded

Jan. 22, Italy, Texas
Italy High school
1 wounded

Jan. 20, Winston-Salem, N.C.
Wake Forest University
1 dead

Jan, 10 Sierra Vista, Ariz.
Coronado Elementary School
1 dead

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