Family Cookbook

Feel Free to download our family cookbook. It is filled with all of our favorite recipes. The original version of this booklet was made for a family reunion in the 80’s. Some day, I would like to update and publish online.

Download Family Cookbook

A few tips to save time and make your best Family cookbook:

• Start with clean copy. Although I generally found custom software easy to use, it is not the best choice for copy-editing. Use a document-editing software like Word to make any corrections to your recipes before pasting them into the main cookbook.

• Figure out the page layout before you get started. Play around with the placement of the recipe text, the font size of the title, and other layout details until you get it right. Then input the rest of the recipes. This will save you the headache of changing your layout halfway through, and having to manually fix each recipe.

• If you have time, order a proof book. Before placing a big order, get a single copy of the book so you can see exactly what the finished cookbook will look like. I didn’t have enough time to do this, and ended up with an error in photo resolution that hadn’t been visible on a computer screen. It didn’t ruin the book, but I kicked myself for not getting a proof copy.

Cookbooks can be small and affordable, I love the idea of making them an annual tradition. You could break your grandmother’s best recipes into volumes (cakes, casseroles, vegetables, etc.) and give out one each year, or collect your favorite new recipes of the last year and give them out annually to friends and family who like to cook.

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