Mass Shootings

Government intervention will not stop the mass shootings. Americans live in a pro-gun culture. The freedom "of bearing arms" enjoyed in the United States translates into some citizens twisting that freedom into horrible acts of violence. The second amendment of the constitution, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed" ( is the legal foundation for this particular freedom. The interpretation of this amendment varies widely between political affiliations. Government Intervention What will Congress do? Congress is only going to do the minimum to ensure our safety and the maximum to ensure their allegiance to the gun lobbyists. If the Congress passes a law it will be more about gun safety then gun control. The production of weapons will continue to escalate. To Congress, this might seem to be the only possible compromise available, and a good first step. However, compromise is not enough. The shootings will continue. According to this survey, the American people want the following: A gun control bill that prevents people with mental illnesses from purchasing guns. A gun control bill that has universal background checks A...Read More

Plants vs. Zombies 3

Why are we inviting you to this early edition? Because our players are our most important critics and our biggest cheerleaders. You get us! You embrace our wacky weirdness and you love our games as much as we do. Because of that, we’re committed to providing you and the PvZ community with the highest quality experience we can. Keep in mind, PvZ: Battle for Neighborville’s modes and features are already final. By giving our biggest fans a chance to come in now, we’ll be polishing performance as you play to ensure our scaled experience is running at peak levels for launch and beyond, making the PvZ: Battle for Neighborville experience the best it can be. Thanks, neighbor! Here’s what you’ll get with the Founder’s Edition: Exclusive Founder’s rewards for the first four weeks when you log in each week A special Founder’s price of $29.99 A dedicated Discord channel where Founding Neighbors can share thoughts with our development team Updates on new weekly gameplay experiences through News from Neighborville posts and our weekly PvZ developer livestream Live from Neighborville The progress you make in the Founder’s Edition will roll over at launch Here’s how you can get involved: Get the...Read More