Christmas Prayers

You are in my Christmas prayers, and in my Christmas dreams.
When I hear people laugh, and I see children play, it reminds me of a photograph of us on Christmas Day.
It’s us on Christmas Day, I see you standing there, and smiling down on me, as I untie the gifts that lie beneath our Christmas tree.
And every Christmas day, I know I’ll find you there. You’ll always be the answer to my every Christmas prayer.
Grandmas, grandpas, fathers, mothers, friends I’ve loved dear, sisters, and brothers, I once played with, aunts and uncles I once stayed with. Their story will be told, as long as love recalls, those loved ones smiling down on me is the greatest gift of all.
The loved ones far and near will be forever there. It’s Christmas up in Heaven too with love beyond compare. You don’t have to live the book of life behind a veil of tears. You’ll always be right here with me and in my Christmas prayers.

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