Election 2016

With Election 2016 less than a week away, I thought I might as well add my reflections and consternation to the pile. Why does the election process bring out the worst in America? This same process is a keystone to the governance of this great country. We are a democracy. We have been transferring command peacefully for 240 years. Why can we not live the process as we should live our lives. With honor, integrity, and humility. The power of negative advertisement is staggering. The common perception is that ALL politicians are crooks, dishonest, and of low morale behavior. Why? Because that is all we see and hear in the media.

What if the media was left out of the elections?

First of all, that would free up a staggering 305.4 million dollars (68m for Trump, 237.4m for Clinton). That certainly could help lower the deficit or feed or provide health care to some people.

Second, the media is after ratings. Which means that every single solitary utterance by a candidate is dissected for possible shock and awe value. Did they really mean what they said? Who cares, let’s twist and turn until we get everyone upset at the candidate. Third, let’s have celebrities tell us who is the best candidate. Really…really, why should I listen to a popular movie star? They are no different than you or I. What could they possibly know about the candidates that I can’t read or discern for myself. No one should tell us how to vote, it is a personal decision.

Of course I know that the media will never disconnect from the elections. And that negatives will always out weigh the positives in the news. But, let us as Americans hold our candidates to higher standards by voting for their stance on issues and base our opinions on known information.

Please vote! It’s the right thing to do.

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