Mass Shootings

Government intervention will not stop the mass shootings. Americans live in a pro-gun culture. The freedom "of bearing arms" enjoyed in the United States translates into some citizens twisting that freedom into horrible acts of violence. The second amendment of the constitution, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed" ( is the legal foundation for this particular freedom. The interpretation of this amendment varies widely between political affiliations. Government Intervention What will Congress do? Congress is only going to do the minimum to ensure our safety and the maximum to ensure their allegiance to the gun lobbyists. If the Congress passes a law it will be more about gun safety then gun control. The production of weapons will continue to escalate. To Congress, this might seem to be the only possible compromise available, and a good first step. However, compromise is not enough. The shootings will continue. According to this survey, the American people want the following: A gun control bill that prevents people with mental illnesses from purchasing guns. A gun control bill that has universal background checks A...Read More

Reading list for 2019

I will read more books in 2019. That is my resolution! Reading is life. To start with, I am going to read the 5 books that Bill Gates loved in 2018. You can't go wrong with recommendations from a "bazillionare". The first will be 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari. Here is what Bill has to say about the book: "I’m a big fan of everything Harari has written, and his latest is no exception. While Sapiens and Homo Deus covered the past and future respectively, this one is all about the present. If 2018 has left you overwhelmed by the state of the world, 21 Lessons offers a helpful framework for processing the news and thinking about the challenges we face".

Black Friday is dead

Black Friday has changed in the past few years enough to cause me to officially declare it DEAD. They have marketed the fun out of it. I'll just say it. Stores should be closed on Thanksgiving day in order for all to enjoy the day with family, friends, or just themselves.                     Here are a bunch of stores that will be closed on Thanksgiving. Please shop there on Black Friday. Their employees will be well rested and ready to assist you. •AAFES •A.C. Moore •Academy Sports •American Girl •Barnes & Noble •Bed Bath & Beyond •BJ’s Wholesale Club •Blains Farm & Fleet •Burlington •Cabela’s •Christmas Tree Shops •Christopher and Banks •Costco •Crate & Barrel •Dillard’s •DSW •Fred Meyers •Game Stop •Guitar Center •Half Price Books •Hobby Lobby •Home Depot •Home Goods •IKEA •Jo-Ann Fabrics & Craft Stores •Lowe’s •Marshalls •Menards •Neiman Marcus •Nordstrom •Nordstrom Rack •Office Depot & OfficeMax •P.C.Richard & Son •Patagonia •Petco •PetSmart •Pier 1 Imports •Publix •Raymour & Flannigan •REI •Sam’s Club •Sierra Trading Post •Staples •The Container Store •T.J.Maxx Black Friday is the day when retailers finally begin to turn a profit for the year. In accounting...Read More

Election 2016

With Election 2016 less than a week away, I thought I might as well add my reflections and consternation to the pile. Why does the election process bring out the worst in America? This same process is a keystone to the governance of this great country. We are a democracy. We have been transferring command peacefully for 240 years. Why can we not live the process as we should live our lives. With honor, integrity, and humility. The power of negative advertisement is staggering. The common perception is that ALL politicians are crooks, dishonest, and of low morale behavior. Why? Because that is all we see and hear in the media. What if the media was left out of the elections? First of all, that would free up a staggering 305.4 million dollars (68m for Trump, 237.4m for Clinton). That certainly could help lower the deficit or feed or provide health care to some people. Second, the media is after ratings. Which means that every single solitary utterance by a candidate is dissected for possible shock and awe value. Did they really mean what they said? Who cares, let's twist and turn until we get everyone upset at the candidate. Third, let's have...Read More