Reattaching the cord

Well, it has been almost a year and a half since I cut the cord and joined the antennae/Netflix generation. Netflix is amazing. I watched 100’s of episodes of all different types of shows. All without commercials. It is quite a deal for $7.95/month. Also, local TV stations with the antennae were sharp, clear, and not to mention completely free.

However, my DSL through Windstream was becoming antiquated and well…slow. $70/month (with tax) for 6Mb/sec was a horrible value. It was time to reattach the cord.

I would love to have Verizon FIOS, but tragically it is not offered in my area. My only choice is the evil and outrageously priced…cable.

Luckily, Comcast has a nice deal for the holidays. $89.99 for a internet/voice/TV bundle. It has a two year contract period, but the price lasts for two years. The bill will jump $60 on month 25, however, we can cancel at that point.

So far so good. my speed has gone from 6Mb/sec down | 384Kb/sec up to:

Reattaching the cord

It will take a few days for our number to get transfer, but really a phone is a phone. It’s not all that exciting.

There seems to be lots of features with TV setup. I will report on them after I get a chance to try them out.

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