Update your Internet Browser Security

Update your Internet Browser Security
Update your Internet Browser Security

Microsoft appears to be losing the Public Relations battle on security perception in the browser wars. If you Google “Internet Explorer Security” you are greeted with a plethora of very negative articles about Microsoft’s decades old product. But what about the other top browsers, Firefox and Chrome. How do they fare in security?


Firefox is still the least secure web browser
Mozilla Redesigns Firefox Browser, Fixes Security Vulnerabilities


Google defends Chrome browser’s security settings
Chrome Password Security Found To Be Flawed

I’m not trying to claim one browser is more secure than the other. The simple fact is they all have flaws. Internet browser security is not just “jumping ship” from IE to Chrome to Firefox when a security breach is identified. You must know YOUR browser and be diligent about upgrading and tweaking your security settings. I believe that Internet Explorer is an easy target because of the negative reputation that Microsoft has somehow developed in the past few years. Do not change…just read and secure your browser. (whichever one you use)
Tips for Internet Explorer
Tips for Firefox
Tips for Chrome

Internet Browser Security Update – Microsoft updates Internet Explorer to fix security problem
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