Demolition is FUN!

Demolition is FUN!
Demolition is FUN!

Demolition has begun. While this may look like two walls devoid of all character and dignity. It is actually a picture of beauty to me and Wendy. Our basement walls have been purged of wallboard, 2X4’s, hundreds of nails, liquid nail, Styrofoam, spider webs, and much more. We then painted them with a quality basement sealer and moisture protector. It was a lot of work, but the accomplishment feels really good!

Here are some tips for project demolition.

1. Dangers involved with DIY home demo

If you unknowingly open up drywall that houses electrical wires or pipes, it could have disastrous consequences to both you and your home.

The dust created from drywall during the demolition process can make your breathing strained or irritate your eyes, meaning that proper protective measures should be taken. Additionally, inhaling lead paint or insulation dust can cause abnormalities in your respiratory system.

2. Your demolishing mistakes can damage your home

Wall removal is something that a professional should complete. In some instances, a wall can support others or contain electrical wiring and piping that services multiple levels of your home. A professional can assist you with the most logical solution for rerouting wiring or plumbing so that the wall gets removed safely.

An additional benefit of hiring a home improvement contractor is that they are licensed and insured. This will prevent you from incurring the costs in the unlikely event that they damage your home during your remodel. A reputable home improvement contractor most likely has experience addressing most issues that may arise.

3. Demolish your home interior in no time? Not really

Taking on the task of home demolition on your own can take days — even weeks. With the assistance of a home improvement contractor and their team, the process will be much more efficient. This will allow you to get your entire home restored to a livable condition as quickly as possible.

4. Unexpected obstacles on demolition day

Every demolition is sure to have its share of surprises. It is not uncommon to find a floor or roof with multiple layers of covering, particularly in older homes. Incorrectly addressing these issues can cost you time and money.

5. Buying the right DIY demo supplies can add up

Professionals who are familiar with demolition have the correct tools for the job. The added expense of purchasing tools can ultimately take away from your bottom line, which was the reason you decided to embark on the DIY demo process in the first place, right?

6. Inexperience with interior home demo

Home demolition is more than just taking swings with your sledgehammer. It is a process that requires specific methods to be followed to ensure that the job is done correctly the first time. Anything else will cost you time and money, or worse, result in damage to your home that cannot be reversed.

7. When not to demo: repurposing old fixtures

Just because your windows are no longer energy efficient doesn’t mean that they cannot be upcycled for other projects, such as a wall hanging. Likewise, some charities will take discarded cabinets or countertops. However, the likelihood of these items being used again depends on removing them properly.

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