American Flyer Cars
American Flyer Cars

One of the most beloved of all model train brands, American Flyer’s storied history begins in 1907, and stretches to today. American manufactured trains in both Wide Gauge (Standard Gauge) before World War II and then after the war, made a bold move and created a new scale / gauge – S Gauge trains. This new scale fell right in between the dominant O Gauge and the up and coming HO scale at a scale of 1:64. The new American Flyer trains also featured 2-Rail track, a strong selling point against Lionel’s 3-rail system. American Flyer purists are usually always quick to point our how much better their trains are than Lionel because the are true models without that silly third rail.

Some types of American Flyer Cars

•35-70001 Milwaukee Road Ps-2 Hopper 6-car pack
•35-70002 Norfolk Southern Ps-2 Hopper 6-car pack
•35-70005 Bessemer and lake Erie Ps-2 Hopper 6-car pack
•35-74002 Boston & Maine 40′ Rebuilt Steel Box Car
•35-74004 New Haven 40′ Rebuilt Steel Box Car
•35-74006 New York Central 40′ Rebuilt Steel Box Car
•35-74010 Western Maryland 40′ Rebuilt Steel Box Car
•35-74011 Western Maryland 40′ Rebuilt Steel Box Car
•35-75001 Milwaukee Road Ps-2 Hopper
•35-75008 Lehigh Valley Ps-2 Hopper
•35-75017 Bessemer & Lake Erie Ore car
•35-75023 Chicago Northwestern Ore car
•35-78015 SENATE BEER 40′ Woodsided Reefer