3469 - Coal Dump Car

The Operating Coal Unloading Car No. 3469 would unload coal into the line side bins with the use of a No. 6019 or UCS track section. This opeating car would replace the No. 3459 in 1949, and would continue in production until 1955. It is of all metal construction, with the top dump bin made out of aluminum that is painted BLACK with WHITE heat-stamped lettering, and it has brake wheels on each end.

Remote Control Track Section No. 6019

During the years that it was being produced this car was a frequent set component. The boxes that were used for these cars have an “X” suffix to the number, were smaller in size, and did not contain a No. 160 track side unloading bin. This car could be used in conjunction with the No. 97 Coal Elevator and the No. 397 Operating Coal Loader Accessories. There are two variations:

Variation A: Has staple-end trucks. Produced 1949-51.
Variation B: Has bar-end trucks. Produced 1952-55.

The 3469 – Coal Dump Car (also known as the automatic ore dump car) is a continuation of it predecessor — the 3459 operating coal dump car. The major difference is the coupler type — now updated to reflect Lionel’s new magnetic couplers. The 3459 and 3469 are based on a prototype dump car of an eastern United States railroad.

The 3469 – Coal Dump Car is a versatile freight car. It can operate with any of Lionel’s coal-related accessories such as: 97 Coal Elevator, 397 Coal Loader or the 497 Coaling Station. The 3469 is known for its sturdiness and reliability.

Standard features of the 3469 – Coal Dump Car include: two operating couplers, operating tray plus a brake wheel, brake stand and platform at each end. The car had staple-end trucks up to 1951 and bar-end trucks from 1952 on.

Although production of the 3469 lasted for 7 years, the only modification made was to the trucks. Otherwise there are no reported variations to the 3469.

There is a fairly difficult 3469 box variation to locate that is not well known — an Early Classic box style. It is believed the Early Classic box was produced for a very short period of time in late 1948 or early 1949 just prior to the common Middle Classic production run for this box. Any Early Classic box will command a premium.