There are 3 variations of the 2466WX – Tender; the 2466T, 2466W, & the 2466WX.  There should be a stamp on the bottom of the tender marking it one of these variations.  The 2466T has no whistle, but shares the same shell as the 2466W, which neither have any kind of nickel handrail.  The 2466wx has a nickel handrail, differentiating it from the other two shells.  The W and WX chassis are both whistle tenders. The trucks will have roller pickups, and wires from the roller, to indicate they are the whistle variety.  If you have a chassis without the roller pickups, then you have the plain jane version 2466T.  All of these tenders came with coil couplers.  If you do have a whistle tender chassis, and want to restore it, you will need the WS-125 whistle and associated nuts/screws for attaching to frame. And hopefully the accompanying WSR-1 relay, for whistle control.

The Lionel 2466WX – Tender Lionel Lines Whistling Tender from 1947-1948. It features a black painted body, die-cast trucks, white heat-stamped lettering, clean staple end trucks. Also included is an electromagnetic coupler and metal wheels.

What is a tender?

A tender or coal-car is a special rail vehicle hauled by a steam locomotive containing its fuel (wood, coal, or oil) and water. Steam locomotives consume large quantities of water compared to the quantity of fuel, so their tenders are necessary to keep them running over long distances. A locomotive that pulls a tender is called a tender locomotive. Locomotives that do not have tenders and carry all their fuel and water on board the locomotive (itself) instead are called tank locomotives.